Thanks to their incredible expertise, our designers and woodworkers conceive and execute your custom-made furniture projects.


Our custom-made solutions

No matter if your project is residential or commercial, you will benefit from the close collaboration or our team members. There is no question: the proximity between our departments promotes exchanges and the development of new ideas. The result is custom-made furniture that is carefully thought out and manufactured to the standards or our permanent collection. After analyzing your needs and your budget, our team will offer you cutomized solutions.

Measurements, sketches, 3D drawings, choice of materials: we will accompany you at every stage of the project. If you work with a designer, you can also come meet us so that we can collaborate to ensure the success of your concept. Then comes the stage of production. It is a crucial step since the quality of the product ultimately rests on the shoulders of the craftsmen who will execute your vision.

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